I Came Back…

I missed you, Tumblr. Also, the baby daddy is no longer an issue. :D

07:06 pm: haley-cakes

I’ve been lazy…

and not blogging much. I like how I write this in a way that suggests that people actually read it. Heh. Anyway, lots and lots going on this week. Like, for instance, I’m maybe (probably) going to be losing my car. Not for lack of payments, but because it was never ‘technically’ mine in the first place. That sounds like I stole it. Actually, my parents own the car, they are verynearlydivorced, my mother lives in Tejas and my father is uncooperative and basically that equals a useless hunk of metal sitting in my driveway. Thanks, folks! As a result of this I will probably be dropping a class, because I have no way to get there. Also, court this week with the baby daddy. So….that’s fun.

But on a more positive note, I’m visiting my mom and stepdad and 2-year-old sister in Tejas for Easter and spring break. My mom got the girls matching easter outfits and I’m making flower hair thingies for them and little easter baskets and GAH! they are going to be so cute.

So that’s me, this week. I’m not exceptionally interesting.

07:06 pm: haley-cakes

Sometimes when we touch…

the honesty’s too much.

That is all.

02:14 pm: haley-cakes

Sometimes, I Write Things

"i’m sure the world is going to keep shitting on me until the day i die."

it’s never been that way for anyone else; it isn’t going to be that way for you, either.

i promise. everyone gets at least one day of rainbows and sunshine. and cupcakes. always cupcakes.

04:38 pm: haley-cakes

Things I really, really like about today

  • We got Kanicky’s new crib set up. It’s pretty.
  • My cousin made yummy lunch and my aunt scooped me some ice cream.
  • I’m currently eating ice cream and it’s about 3 degrees outside right now. Or 55, whatever. It’s effing cold.
  • I’m wearing long legging tucked into slouched down tube socks, and an oversized sweater. I’m so 80s // hipster it kills me sometimes. Kills me with the joyful abandon of a girl in the 2010 dressed like and 80s hipster.
  • Randy from the video for Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. ‘Nuff said.
  • Kanicky is napping in the new crib.
  • I’m working on my laundry.
  • It’s raining. I don’t have to chase my gramma inside from the yard.
  • Did I mention I’m eating ice cream?
  • Nicole said my nails looked nice.
  • Kayla’s new crib has a trundle drawer where I can put diapers and wipes and cupcakes and…well, maybe not cupcakes. But you get my drift.
  • Heh, get my drift is cheesy.
  • My AIM background is pink frosting with sprinkles.
  • My AIM buddy icon is a cupcake. with pink frosting. and sprinkles. shaped like stars.
  • Also, my sweater is stripey.
  • For a really bad day, this one has had some really really good things, too. :)
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09:29 am: haley-cakes

09:29 am: haley-cakes


The last one isn’t a video, but I couldn’t find it.

My top 5 favorite songs…I’m pretty sure.

09:27 am: haley-cakes

The Cupcakes I Made Yesterday…

are amazing straight out of the fridge. Like, I need someone to lock my fridge good. ‘Cause yum. I win at cupcakes. :)

10:37 pm: haley-cakes